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Welcome to The Fountain Can!

The exclusive manufacturer of the original
Faux Flow© Floating Faucet Fountain!

See our categories for our many floating faucet fountains styles available from The Fountain Can!

Weclome, Our wide selection insures you can find a floating faucet fountain that will enhance any decor! We have watering cans, buckets and vases, and a few very special designs for special places. Like yours! These unique illusion fountains look like magic and provide years of enjoyment in the lawn & garden, on the patio or in the home. Browse, shop,and order online, and rest assured, each of our fountains are easy to setup!!

What our customers say!

"We have had such fun with our Fountain Can. It was a gift from my son after we saw one and I went nuts."
G. Simmons

"We received the fountain kit today, thanks for your cooperation and efficient service."
Richard. NZ.

"Just wanted to let you know I really like the watering can fountain! I know friends and family will like it too and want to know where I got it. Referrals coming your way!!"
L. Williams, MO.

The fountain arrived today and we set it up. It's wonderful! We love the fountain!"
Alexandra K. MI.

"I could have one in every room I have the blue watering can on my kitchen counter. It is terrific!"
Leslie.J. CO.

"My Mom loves her watering can fountain!! You made it so well and solid!"
L.B. - CA.

"We were VERY impressed with your service and the fountains quality, such "heavy duty" construction will surely last for many years! Thanks so much!"
R. Hager

"I ordered the traditional watering can fountain and received it last week. I must say, I really love it!"
D.D. - NJ.

"Thank you for being so professional, I am very impressed.
Sincerely, Lindsey S."

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Short video of several of the floating faucet fountains from The Fountain Can Inc.

Browse Our Categories
Click on a category name to see all the products in the category:
Faux Flow© Fountains
Classic metallic containers, in natural finishes or colorful powder coats, make up our line of Faux-Flow© Floating Faucet type fountains. Sutibale indoors or outdoors.
Impossible Fountains©
Fountains that absolutely cannot work. But trust us, they do.
Faux Flow© DELUXE Fountains
Classy containers and gorgeous faucet fixtures define our Faux Flow© DELUXE Fountains. Glass, Stainless and more.
Floating Faucet Fountain Faux Flow© Replacement Parts
Replacement parts and fountain tubing for Floating Faucet Fountain Faux Flow©, illusion, magic or fantasy type fountains.
Large Scale Floating Faucet Fountains
Large Scale Floating Faucets for the Foyer or Trade Shows. Honestly, any place you want!
A Few or one of a kind fountains. New Products. Scratch and Dents.
Faux-Flow© Junior Fountains
Faux-Flow© Junior Fountains - Smaller containers, same BIG illusion!
Fountain Kits
Build your floating faucet illusion fountain with these kits.
Galvanized Fountains
Designed for outdoor use these sturdy galvanized fountains feature the traditional (visible) piping methods.

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